Class 5 MOT

Class 5 MOT’s For Stockport, Greater Manchester

Fleetcare Maintenance is a VOSA authorised testing facility, that offers a wide range of repair and vehicle testing services in Stockport, Greater Manchester and amongst these is access to our MOT Test Centre for class 5 vehicles. Everything from getting started to planning for your test, to supplying with your certificate, at Fleetcare Maintenance we cover everything in a fast and efficient manner. If you are unsure, a class 5 MOT test, is for any vehicle that contains 13 or more passenger seats. For example buses that are used for private purposes without fare paying passengers or converted vehicles, that act as mobile shops or cafes will need to have an annual Class 5 MOT test.

And, there is more good news because our MOT’s are all available without the need to make an appointment beforehand and all the testing, that is performed through our Drive-Thru MOT service in Stockport is being offered at a highly competitive rate. We also, offer free MOT retesting in Stockport, for up to 14 days after your first test.

At Fleetcare Maintenance we have developed a highly efficient quality control system to ensure every vehicle that leaves the workshop meets our high standards, with full compliance from all our team members.

The company has gone from strength to strength under his strong leadership and commitment to provide a quality service to both individual vehicle and fleet owners.

Class 5 Vehicles Include:

· Passenger vehicles with 13 or more seats will need a Class 5 MOT

· Private Passengers

· 13 – 16 Passenger Seats

· Vehicle And Ambulances

· More than 16 Passengers Seats (with 13 or more Passenger seats)

· Play buses

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