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Fleetcare Maintenance held the pride of place in VOSA’s green band which means we are one of the top level performers. While will still fully adhere to the values that granted us this mark of high quality due to VOSA’s abolishment in March 2014, we now fall under the distinction of the new Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Being a VOSA approved facility, Fleetcare Maintenance means you will receive only the highest quality care and service from us. No matter which of our services you are using, truck servicing in Stockport, car repairs in Stockport or a range of diagnostics services. We also provide pre-MOT testing and inspection services for the people of Stockport and much more. We provide huge range of vehicle services for the Stockport area and are proud to serve the people of Stockport, Great Manchester and can help you in a variety of ways.

We are VOSA Approved | What Did VOSA Do?

While VOSA may not be around anymore its pledge of high quality service lives on through us at Fleetcare Maintenance and it’s something we continue to strive for under the new agency the DVSA. The main purposes or goals of VOSA are laid out below.

VOSA aimed to improve road safety and the environment while also safeguarding fair competition by promoting and enforcing compliance with commercial operator licensing requirements, this included.

· Processing applications for licenses to legally operate lorries and buses.

· Registering bus services.

· Operating & administering testing schemes for all vehicles, including the supervision of the            MOT Testing Scheme.

· Enforcing the law on vehicles to ensure that they comply with legal standards and regulations.

· Enforcing drivers’ hours and licensing requirements.

· Providing training and advice for commercial operators.

· Investigating vehicle accidents, defects and recalls

Fleetcare Maintenance still strive to achieve the aims set out by VOSA and still consider ourselves a VOSA licensed MOT facility and service Centre. From our Conway Centre in Stockport, Greater Manchester we can provide quality support in a range of different services for vans, trucks, HGV’s and PSV’s in Stockport and the surrounding area.The Conway Centre is the one stop-shop for the people of Stockport and provides a range of services from simple car repairs in Stockport to more advanced technical services. At Fleetcare Maintenance we can help with a huge range of services.

All the staff at Fleetcare Maintenance are complete professionals of the highest order and have many years’ experience. We provide uniforms and our facility has the latest equipment so you can get the quality and modern service you deserve. From large national operations to small business vehicles at Fleetcare Maintenance, we offer support and assistance with it all. So why not get in touch today, our professional and friendly staff are ready and waiting to give you the quality service a VOSA approved facility is known for. Whether it is a simple car repair in Stockport or a truck servicing or maybe even a whole fleet of vehicles needs some maintenance,  at Fleetcare Maintenance we can do it all.

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